Raise Your Game with SportCopywriters

Confident business people lined up getting ready for race

How do you present your sport product/service as better than your competitors’ offering?

Writing persuasive marketing copy helps.

But you need the right people on your team…

It’s a complex world, and multiple, cutting-edge skills are needed to distinguish yourself.

AWAI-trained copywriters are a great start. But, recruiting international experts with field-level experience and world-class training will give you the edge over your competitors.

By leveraging such expertise and experience, you can[1]:

  • Encourage your clients through your buying process: turn leads into loyal clients;
  • Build and support your brand: have a consistent content marketing approach that speaks to your brand, to who your organization is in an authentic way;
  • Be more effective and efficient in your marketing activities: use content marketing strategies to reach your goals at less cost; and
  • Build your audience: produce original content to gain subscribers and raise your visibility.

Content marketing + expertise + experience = a winning approach

Behind SportCopywriters are Milena and John. Milena is an award-winning sport management professor/researcher and John is a management-trained clinical psychologist. Each has been an elite-level athlete, as well as a volunteer, coach and manager.

Together, they have the field experience and they know your clients because they’ve been your clients. They offer:

To explore how you can harness the SportCopywriters’ international knowledge, experience and expertise, email us [email protected], call +1 (613) 791-1247 or contact us using this form.

If your are interested in health-based copywriting, please see our parent company, Emilie Ryan Copywriting.

[1] Murton Beets, L. (2017, September 27). New research reveals habits of top content marketers. Retrieved January 3, 2018 from http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2017/09/research-habits-content-marketers/; McCoy, J. (2017, October 22). 9 stats that will make you want to invest in content marketing. Retrieved January 3, 2018 from http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2017/10/stats-invest-content-marketing/